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Granite is a unique choice and among the most beautiful countertop materials, its natural beauty is simply notable, with colors that never dim. Every piece has its own elegance, adding depth, character and value to your home. Excellent strength and durability, resistant to scratches and damage from heat. With time sealants may be needed with granite but don’t let that keep you from enjoying this beautiful countertop option.



Quartz is an excellent selection for a modern home. Excellent options for color, pattern, texture and finish. Engineered for durability and attractiveness, it is non-porous, so resistant to staining, bacteria and the toughest of stains with no sealing required. Its hues and patterns can mimic the look of natural stone but offer uniform beauty throughout the entire slab.

Quick Remodels Remodel

Edge Treatments


Available for all granite and quartz countertops
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1/4" ROUND
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1/2" ROUND
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1/2" BEVEL
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Additional sizes and edges available for custom projects


Quick Remodels Remodel



Marble is a one of kind material, with unsurpassed beauty, and rich in colors and veining. With premium finishes that fits with most designs from classic to modern. Excellent resistance to heat. With time sealants may be needed.



Porcelain countertops are engineered to provide unique style and endurance for both interior and exterior applications. Porcelain is designed to last, it is highly scratch and abrasion resistant which is ideal for high-use areas. Porcelain is completely inimical to the dust mites, bacteria, fungi, mold and irritants. Available in both polished and mate finish. It never has to be sealed.

Quick Remodels Remodel

Quick Remodels Remodel



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