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Door Styles

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This is one of the most popular door styles. It is a versatile choice for any home décor. In natural wood tones, it gracefully presides over a traditionally homes. For a contemporary project, consider painted doors in white and gray.


Raised Panel


With carved details. a raised panel cabinet door is a great choice for homeowners who want traditional, even old-world-style charm.

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Recessed Panel


Recessed panels can have elaborate arches or cathedral profiles. They also can have ornate center treatments, such as bead-board, glass or metal inserts. Shaker doors are considered recessed, but there are many other types of recessed panel cabinets. With so many varying options and designs, these cabinet doors can fit a wide range of home styles.




A slab door is a cabinet door that has a flat panel with no decorative designs. It may also be referred to as a flat panel door. A slab door has a flat panel that is not raised or recessed. Widely used in modern projects.

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Cabinet Styles

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Full Overlay


Full overlay doors on framed cabinets, the doors almost fully overlay the cabinet face, leaving less than a ¼-inch reveal around the doors. You will need to attach hardware to full overlay doors as there isn’t room to pull them open without a pull or knob, but a full overlay gives the cabinets a more seamless, custom look.


Traditional Overlay


A traditional overlay is another option for framed cabinetry and is usually less expensive. With this option, the cabinet doors leave a much larger reveal of the frame around the doors, up to 1 ¼-inch.

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In this style, there is no face frame on the front of the cabinet box. Rather, the box itself is thicker and the cabinet doors are installed directly to the side of the box. With frameless cabinetry, you have easier access to items within the cabinets, no center style separating double doors and more storage space to work with inside the cabinets, but frameless cabinets generally also come with a higher price tag.


Cabinet Hardwares


Solutions created for a better use of their offices, with different types of products. Among them pot and cutlery organizers, pantry solutions, trash solutions, spicy racks, and much more.
There are several options in decorative such as handles, knobs, bath hardware, hooks, and more.

cabinet hardware


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